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Ha Long bay-The descending dragon in Vietnam

20 Jan

Ha Long bay-The descending dragon in Vietnam

        After ending Vietnam War, Vietnamhas a policy of opening its economy to foreign trades. Foreign and domestic tourists have more chance to visit Ha Long bay Vietnam. It is one of the word’s natural wonders and it is the most beautiful tourist destination in Vietnam. Ha Long bay features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and island of various sizes and shapes along the 120-km coastline of Bai Chay beach. Ha Long’s waters are exciting with a great diversity of ecosystems including offshore coral reefs, freshwater swamp forests, mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes and sandy beaches. According to legend, the dragons descended from heaven to help locals by spitting jewels and jade to the sea and forming a natural fortress against invaders, and now these are stones and islands. When tourists visit here, there are some best ways to enjoy Ha Long’s scenery. Board a junk boat and cruise around the bay’s island is always the first choice of tourists. It is more exciting if tourists take the overnight trip and enjoy tourists’ silent night here. Scorched beach or Bai Chay is upon arriving in Ha Long city; visitors will walk along the sand on this stretch of beach and go for a swim in water. From Bai Chay, visitors can hire a boat, go out to the bay and also discover new things in the bay. After visiting Bai Chay beach, tourists will start visiting Hang Dau Go- one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long bay, the islet stands 1,87 metres above sea level and visitors must hike the 90 rocky steps that lead to the cave’s entrance. There are three chambers with outer one having the most spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. At the middle chamber, this structure emits a kaleidoscope of light that is both breathtaking and unique when it lights. The inner chamber is well-known for the colorful stalagmites and stalactites and Dau Go is probably the most famous cave of grottoes in Ha Long. Another cave is Pelican cave or Hang Bo Nau, it is different from Dau Go cave because it is not deeper and larger than Dau Go. Looking out from the cave, visitors will enjoy the scenic beauty of Ha Long with the clear blue water inside. The third cave is Hang Trinh Nu or Virgin cave and it is also known as Mid Gate cave with Sung Sot cave behind- it is quite steep and lined with shady trees, more and more destinations wait tourists to discover. Ha Long Bay is a heaven of beautiful scenery.

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