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Denver Travel

6 Jun

With her origins shrouded in the mists of time, Vietnam has evolved a rich oral tradition of myth and legend. Vietnamese mythology contends the people are descended from a dragon and a fairy. The union of the dragon, King Lac Long Quan, and the enchanting mountain fairy Au Co produced one hundred offspring. The eldest son became the first King of the thousand year Hung Dynasty. This dynasty is commemorated to this day as the bud from which the Vietnamese nation ultimately flowered.

Throughout time, Vietnam has forged her identity through the highs and lows of history. Today she has become a robust and vibrant commercial hub and thriving travel destination in the heart of Southeast Asia.

With her 3,000 km coastline bejewelled with sun-drenched sandy beaches imbued with a vast array of resorts and hotels, Vietnam has established a growing reputation as a first-class beach destination.

Possessing a unique cultural and historical heritage, Vietnam is an idyllic choice for travellers in search of exotic travel experiences not to be found anywhere else. A grand exploration delves deep into the heart-warming natural hospitality and charm of the peoples and soul-stirring landscapes of Vietnam.

Wellcome to Vietnam!!!!!!

Denver Travel (Vietnam) – a member of Western America Group (from 1915). We make the best services for all tours in South of Vietnam.

In addition, we are committed to provide all your clients and partners high quality package tours tailored at competitive rates for your requirements:

    Leisure tours – Sightseeing tours – Special Interest tours.

    Luxury travel – Cruise tours – Helicopter tours – Rail tours.

    Incentive travel – Corporate/Business travel.

    Honeymoon packages – Free & Easy holidays.

There will be lots of great surprises waiting for you in our tours, which mixed of what you want and what we can do. We stand ready to help you plan the best vacation you have ever taken. Travelling with us, you will be taken to discover the best spots in destinations with the richness and diversity in culture, traditions, lifestyle and natural landscapes.

Professional and devoted tour guide staffs: One of the main keys that contributes to successful service depends on skills of tour guide. Every year, Denver travel operates tour guide’s evaluation program. The purpose of this program is to improve customer service skills as well as widen the knowledge of its tour guides. Moreover, Denver travel  has designed a special program to train more than 30 professional staffs who have years of experience.

So, come to Denver Travel!

Thank you very much for your attention and we are looking forward with pleasure to being your reliable companion.

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