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How to have a good holiday in Vietnam?

31 Aug

Viet Nam’s rich history in its temples and pagodas, the natural beauty of the Mekong Delta with its floating markets and natural waterways, the Truong Son mountains that stretch the length of the country, the wonder of Ha Long bay with its spectacular 3000 islands and 3,260 km of coastline with numerous, secluded, palm-fringed, white sand beaches

Vietnam is absolutely a good place for your holiday. I truly hope that you have a good time there. Here are a few tips that, hopefully, can help you – the Time Out reader – to learn from Life’s mistake:

  1. Remember that you’re going to Vietnam, a developing country, and things do not work as you are maybe used to. Do not be paranoid about your safety,  just be aware of your surroundings.
  2. All clients must take travel comprehensive insurance when making a tour.
  3. You should change your currency to local currency at the airport, in banks, or in licensed shops since the exchange rates in there are very similar. Steer clear or street moneychangers have not better exchange rate and being given forged notes is a risk.
  4. Do not wear a lot of jewelry or keep a bag with you. Violent crime is highly unusual in Vietnam, but petty crime is more apparent. If you have a bag or tout a digital camera around your neck then you are a potential target.
  5. Vietnamese Law requires a Marriage Certificate if man stay overnight with Vietnamese Ladies. Recommendation is to mention this if it is your case for appropriate advices when make the booking with any travel agents.
  6. Drink plenty of water. During the summer months you should drink, at least, minimum of two litters per day. If you drink tea, coffee & alcohol you should increase your water intake accordingly as these will help to dehydrate you.
  7. The national electricity system is 220 volts. Connections are either a round two-pin plug or a flat two-pin plug. Beware if you are using electrical appliances and laptop computers, as there are power surges and frequent power cuts.
  8. Antiques are easy to buy in Vietnam but it doesn’t allow bringing out of Vietnam.
  9. Don’t miss Vietnamese food when travelling to Vietnam. Some of famous dishes are steam rice (Com), noodle soup (Pho or Hu Tiu), fried spring rolls (Cha Gio).

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31 Aug

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